Project “Black Dog”

We work closely with volunteers (thank you, volunteers!) at several perreras in Spain.  They always let us know of terriers in need – and help organise the start of their journey to the UK. Here is the story of Queen Victoria:
Well – we were told about this poor girl – she was abandoned and began living in a ravine.  She has lived in that ravine for years – the people of the nearby village were never able to catch her.  They said she lived there for 4/5 years – eventually they did manage to catch her – she had many litters over the years – she is very shy, she has had little contact with people -and her faith and trust in people was shaken – we have no idea what horrors she has seen and we know she is a smart dog for having survived so long out there.
But she is a black dog (remember our Black Dog Friday campaign?), she is shy of people, and she was just hiding behind her bed…this is not the most adoptable dog.  The perrera has a fixed number of kennels -and they basically allow the dogs to live as long as they have a kennel for them. But kennels were filling, and Victoria had been there the longest.  So she was next
The volunteer was desperate and no one showed any interest in this dog – we are a small rescue and we have so few people willing to work with dogs that need a bit more TLC.  But they asked if we could give her a chance, they told us how they would leave treats at the front of the kennel, and when they left she would take them…but after visiting several times – she started waiting for them at the front of the kennel…

This story saddened us, it made our heart sink, surely we should try?  So with the Help of the volunteers – we decided to save this girl.  She will start her rehabilitation in Spain and we will keep the group updated, but we need your support, and we need you to help us share her story, because of her past and the fact she is an older black dog – she will not be the most popular – but all dogs do matter and we know that this girl will blossom and show us the Queen she is…
You can watch her youtube video here.

Black Dog Friday!

An international shopping sensation sweeps the world after Thanksgiving – Black Friday – where shoppers in their hordes descend onto the shops (and online!) to grab a bargain or two. Here at Terrier SOS, this Friday is Black DOG Friday!  It’s an interesting fact that black dogs are overlooked in shelters and rehoming centres, and often it’s the same here too.  It’s a phenomena known as BBDS (Big Black Dog Syndrome).

We want to change that!  At Terrier SOS, our black dogs aren’t BBDs; they’re TDHs (Tall, Dark and Handsome) and on Black Dog Friday, we are sharing their stories with you. Let’s make their Black Friday a date to remember – let’s give our black dogs a loving home!

Take a look at our top 3 luscious Tall, Dark and Handsomes:


Podenco Cross Olly, 18 months old and a bundle of fun! e loves cuddles and will make a wonderful companion.  He is quite a calm dog and as long as life is taken at a slow pace he is perfectly happy.  Olly will get there – but his family will need to take things at his pace – he is a perfect lap dog and we are sure with the right encouragement he will lose his timidness and show the world the beautiful boy he is.


Princess Georgina, the most dainty of our current terriers available for adoption.  A yorkie cross with gorgeous manners, Georgina is currently in foster in Spain, awaiting travel to the UK and a proper health assessment.






Mr Darcy! Our dashing Spanish Lurcher mix.  An athletic young man, looking for life time companionship with his future loving family.  He is Airedale-sized, and has everything to learn, but is fun and sweet and will make a great companion.   Need we say any more?


Complete a TerrierSOSQuestionnaireMay2015 now to helpone of these three gorgeous black dogs find their forever home on Black Dog Friday.

Remember: Children: 10+, no cats or small furries. Dogs for adoption will be neutered, passported, vaccinated.


‘I am alive because someone fostered me’

If our terriers could speak, they’d all tell you a similar story.  Our work wouldn’t be possible without the incredible work of our small network of foster homes.

These families take on our rescued terriers and give them a temporary place to call home; warmth, care and attention are top of their list!  Our wealth of rehomed dogs wouldn’t be where they are today without these foster homes – and they have a few words of thanks to share:

WE NEED YOU. We recently have taken in several dogs that require a very SPECIAL foster home, one that will be calm, compassionate and help the dog learn to trust again.

We are looking for foster homes in the South East – that will work with us to help some very hurt dogs become whole again.

We will have support in place and also have the family work with a Trainer – but these must be homes that understand that the dog will need extra TLC and understanding. Get in touch if you think you may be able to help. You can read more about the foster role and download the application form here.


Terrier SOS Dog Bandanas

Proudly show you support Terrier SOS by donning your furry loved one in one of our red or blue bandanas.

They are one size fits all and have detachable extending collars.
The prices are:
UK £7.50, Europe £9.50, outside of Europe £10.50 including postage. (Additional bandanas are £7 each inc. postage)

Our PayPal address is

Please write you name and address in the PayPal message box. Thank you for helping us make a real difference.

Elvis and Dora – welsh terrier and airedale looking for a home

Please meet Elvis and Dora.

Elvis welsh terrier is 12 years old. He’s still very young at heart, bounces around when it feed time, loves nothing more than cuddling up with you of an evening. Elvis loves meeting people, but can be a little grumpy around other dogs. From a youngster he’s had colitis, so his food is strictly hypoallergenic and with this he has no problems at all. He loves chicken and anything else that he’s “allowed” to have. Elvis lives with Dora – the 9 year old airedale, and they are a bonded pair and we are looking to rehome them together.

Elvis likes to sleep a lot now and are happy spending lazy days in the sun and rainy days listening to the rain in their beds. He lives wonderfully well with Dora and they really are happy in each other’s company. Dora has all the wonderful traits of the breed. She is friendly, loves people and sharing their lives with them. She loves her walks and being your companion on car trips.

Their owner has had a drastic change of circumstances – and sadly they find themselves in need of a new home late in life. They are both healthy dogs, just need a compassionate and caring retirement home.

Children: 10+ – no cats or small furries. They are in foster in Wales.

Download an application form TerrierSOSQuestionnaireMay2015