Henry Wire Fox Terrier

Henry is a 3-4 year old boy who has never known a home life, as he was used for breeding in a puppy mill in France, which was then closed down.  He was rehomed but it’s not working out and he is back for Terrier SOS’s attention.  His foster family said:

He is the most adorable puppy in a 4 year olds body I know! Since becoming part of the family he has experienced grass between his paws, strokes from friendly hands, cuddles (he loves those), the beach, car journeys (not so keen on those) and a whole host of other things. He is so willing to learn and please and nothing is better than seeing the wag of his tail. Help likes to meet all the other dogs but sometimes finds it frustrating that he can’t play with them all, he is learning good manners and now he has mastered the sit command he can learn to be a little more self controlled. Walkies as you would expect is one of Helps favourite times, he walks very well on the lead and always has his nose to the ground sniffing out new smells, he can still be a bit nervous on unfamiliar walks or very busy places but his confidence grows daily and with continued exposure and reassurance he will continue to flourish. Due to the way Help lived his life before he is able to be left alone for up to 4 hours with no separation issues, he calmly goes to his bed and settles himself for sleep. He also settles very well at night and will happily sleep until you are ready for cuddles or walkies.”

Henry is working with a behaviourist to overcome his transition issues, and is currently in kennels putting together a plan for his future home.

Henry needs a terrier-experienced home that is calm with good routines.   Could you offer Henry the fab home he deserves? Please read with all important FAQ Page & download the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017

He is neutered and vaccinated. No cats or small furries, no children under 10 in the household.

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