Kika – Terrier Cross

Terrier SOS is at its capacity in terms of dogs it can manage - and we are always dreading opening our inbox because the need seems so great....
This is the beautiful Kika.  Kika was one of the many dogs abandoned in Spain - she ended up in the same perrera as Lolo.  Time was not on her side - she is a larger (15 kilo) cross - and she ran out of time - they needed to clear kennels and she would be the next to go.  I had been asked if we could help her several times - and we said we were unable - but I got a final message asking if I could just try and squeeze her in - if we said No - Kika would lose her life - it is really that simple.  So although we really just don't know how we find the room - we did.
We get put in the most impossible position - and we work hard to change the destiny for these dogs - dogs like Kika (right, below with Lolo).
We have never regretted saving a dog - and they deserve a loving family and a chance to get to shine.  Could you be Kika’s Guardian Angel?  Kika is only 18 months old - she is a female Terrier cross - she is a bit larger that a fox terrier - she is a very loving girl and she needs a family that has the time and commitment to her.  She has never been a pet and will need some help to make that transition - she has been showing anxiety about being left and we will be working with a behaviourist.  The prospective family will continue the work we are putting in.  She will need a family that will be around for her - and due to her excitability she cannot live with any young children.
She is in Norfolk - she is speyed, vaccinated, passported and health checked.  She cannot live with young children or small furries.
Save Kika - Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 Remember: Children: 10+, no cats or small furries.  Dogs for adoption will be neutered, passported, vaccinated, where appropriate.
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