Ziggy Stardust – male wire fox terrier – rehomed

This is the beautiful Ziggy.   He is now ready for  a new home.  Ziggy came from Spain a very petrified and fearful dog.

Whatever happened to him in Spain really made him scared of everything – but we have been working with him and his confidence is growing and we feel he is ready fro the next stage.

Please note that the family that adopts Ziggy will understand that everything must be at his pace – and he will have a very slow introduction into the greater world.  His faith and trust in humans was severely tested in Spain and he will need to trust and bond with his new family and they cannot push him.  Ziggy is a young dog and a very gentle soul – but we have done a lot to help him trust people and realise they will not hurt him – so we need that work continued.  You will need to follow what we have done for him – you will also be a calm household with no young children, or lots of visitors.  He could only live with a calm dog – but preferably on his own.

The photos are him groomed – he was frightened of any noise or sudden movement – so he was very gently scissored and given lots of breaks to adjust to sounds and people.

That is an example of the patience that will be needed for him – he will blossom into a gorgeous dog and companion – but this will not happen overnight – and it will be done at his pace with the support of his family.  The prospective family will need to go to Norfolk to visit him.

No cats – children: 10+
Download the application: TerrierSOSQuestionnaireMay2015

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