Pippa – WFT – Reserved

UK-based Pippa is an older girl (10yrs old) – still full of life and bounce.

Her owner passed away and no one else in the family were able to take her. So she sat in kennels, and we were asked to help.

She is typically terrier, likes a good sniff, can be aloof, not keen on all dogs, and pretty much likes life on her own terms. Sound familiar? If you love terriers, this is a pretty familiar story!

Pippa does have a skin complaint and will need to stick to her diet. So any prospective home will agree to that.

She is a UK dog – so although vaccinated, spayed and so on – she will not have a passport. If you are interested please fill in our form below

Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017

Remember: Children: 10+, no cats or small furries.  Pippa is best rehomed as an only dog, though ignores other dogs out on walks. 

Alfie – PRT Cross

What’s it all about, Alfieeeeee……
Meet the wonderful Alfie – when I see him I really do want to sing ‘Whats it all about, Alfie!’ . He is a divine little Parsons Russell terrier cross – found in Spain with wounds to his neck wandering in the countryside.  He was found and luckily brought to a shelter.  We were asked if we could help – and well, one look at that face and I was smitten.  He really is a very sweet loveable dog.
He is in foster in London and we are told that he has settled well with the other dogs.  He likes to play ‘biteyface’ and chase – he will happily play with a toy – or cuddle with you on the sofa watching telly.   He is house trained, travels well in the car, can be left for short periods, he is learning to walk on lead and can get excited approaching other dogs on lead.  We are working on this – but it is not an insurmountable problem.  He is a leggy terrier – and we are not sure what the cross is with – but whatever it is – it has made a scrummy little dog.  He is about 3 years old, in good health.  Has been vaccinated and neutered.  He likes to chase the birds and squirrels – and just wants to run off lead.  He is smart and a fast learner – and he has been such a delight to foster – and when he looks at us with those big brown eyes…we just melt….
He would benefit living with a dog – as he really enjoys the company of his furry pals.  He does follow their lead and will benefit from a friend.  He is a bit timid in new situations – so his new family will need to slow down for him.  He will make the perfect companion and just a fabulous dog.  If his foster was not at her maximum for dogs – she would swoop him up!

Check out Alfie’s video below:

He is young (about 3), dog and people friendly.  He is a lovely boy, though a little timid at present time, with love and care he’ll come out of his shell! If you are interested in Alfie, please download the form

Children: 10+, no cats or small furries. Alfie will be neutered, passported, vaccinated.TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017


Sir Galahad – WFT

Sir Galahad is a Wire Fox Terrier lad, awaiting travel from Spain to his new furever home in the UK.

He’s a lively young chap (around 3 years old) and will need an active home to keep him busy and entertained.  He is both people and dog-friendly, though can be a little selective about other male dogs.  He has been neutered and has his passport ready.  He has tested positive for leishmaniasis (a parasite-borne disease transmitted by sandflies which causes skin issues) so is receiving treatment for this in Spain and will be coming to the UK in the autumn.

Leishmaniasis is a tropical non-contagious disease transmitted to dogs by a tiny sandfly in Mediterranean countries.  Leishmaniasis cannot currently be cured, but can be treated. A dog with leishmaniasis can live a happy and healthy life for many years. The usual treatment is with Alopurinol tablets, which are cheap and readily available as they are used for treatment of gout in humans. We support our families that adopt Leish positive dogs – and there are also several groups on Social Media that provide information and support.  Sir Galahad has the strain which attacks his organs, he is also allergic to the standard treatment, so is being treated with Auto Vaccination, which can take around 3 weeks to show any results.  He is responding well to treatment now, and has returned to the kennels, where is is gradually gaining weight and generally becoming cheerier!


Could you give this adorable WFT a new lease of life?

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Remember: Children: 10+, no cats or small furries.  Dogs for adoption will be neutered, passported, vaccinated, where appropriate.

Henry – WFT

Henry – Wire Fox Terrier


Henry is a wonderful fox terrier – he is about 5 years old –  he came into rescue after the Puppy Mill he was born into – was closed.  Henry had only known life in this Mill before he came to us.  He came with two kennel mates – both have been rehomed and have settled to life as a pet.  Henry was rehomed but sadly it did not work out.  

He is a wonderful dog and flourished in foster care.  His foster carer said:  

He is the most adorable puppy in a 4 year olds body I know! Since becoming part of the family he has experienced grass between his paws, strokes from friendly hands, cuddles (he loves those), the beach, car journeys (not so keen on those) and a whole host of other things. He is so willing to learn and please and nothing is better than seeing the wag of his tail.’

Henry went to his new home – where unfortunately things moved too fast for him.  He found the adjustment difficult and became stressed.  So it was felt it is better we find a home that can take things slower for him.  
Henry will need a home that is based in the South East.  We have a Behaviourist working with Henry and we would expect any new family to continue to work with the Behaviourist so that Henry gets the support he needs.  We have a plan in place for him, and will discuss further with interested applicants.  
The new family will need to have the time and patience for Henry and let him settle at his pace.  Also as Henry does not enjoy extended car journeys – you would be a family that does not travel often.  
Henry has benefited from being with larger dogs, he can be a bit overboard with smaller dogs.  So he could live with a larger , calm dog.  No young children and no small furries

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Henry needs a terrier-experienced home that is calm with good routines.   Could you offer Henry the fab home he deserves? Please read with all important FAQ Page & download the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017

He is neutered and vaccinated. No cats or small furries, no children under 10 in the household.

Sooty & Sweep – Border Terrier Mixes


Sooty and Sweep are brothers, abandoned in a Spanish perrera.

We believe then to be around 5 or 6 years old and available to rehome as a pair or separately.

These poor chaps were left to die, having tested positive for Leishmania – a fully treatable disease, which will require regular monitoring, but well-treated has very low impact on their day-to-day life.  They have responded well to treatment after we stepped in to help, and are now available to travel to the UK for fostering and rehoming.  By all accounts they are well-socialised with other dogs and humans, though we do not yet know their reaction to small furries!!!

We will provide further updates as we receive them!

If you are interested in bringing a Sooty, Sweep or both into your home… Please fill in our TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 and return it to us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Cats: not tested –

Children: 10+ – he is vaccinated, microchipped and passported.

Location: Spain. due to travel to UK shortly