Pippa – Fox Terrier

UK-based Pippa is an older girl (10yrs old) – still full of life and bounce.

Her owner passed away and no one else in the family were able to take her. So she sat in kennels, and we were asked to help.

She is typically terrier, likes a good sniff, can be aloof, not keen on all dogs, and pretty much likes life on her own terms. Sound familiar? If you love terriers, this is a pretty familiar story!

Pippa does have a skin complaint and will need to stick to her diet. So any prospective home will agree to that.

She is a UK dog – so although vaccinated, spayed and so on – she will not have a passport. If you are interested please fill in our form below

Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017

Remember: Children: 10+, no cats or small furries.  Pippa is best rehomed as an only dog, though ignores other dogs out on walks. 

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Nico – Fox Terrier

Please say Hello to our new Terrier SOS family member! Nico was handed in to the perrera by his ‘owner’ – they gave the right to sacrifice (meaning the shelter is allowed to put down the dog) – so another dog that had no time and we couldn’t risk any delay – so we asked wonderful volunteers for help and they stepped right in.

Nico has been moved to kennels, his fur was in such a matted state that he had to be sedated and shaved by a vet.  We suspect he has been chained his whole life in a yard – not much human or dog interaction – he was very scared and very timid.

He will need a slow and patient introduction into being a pet, he’s only 4 years old and has many years ahead of him. He is loving and wants to live and love – so if you feel you are right for him, please do download a form!

Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 to rehome Nico. We look forward to hearing from  you.

Cats & small furries: no
Other dogs in the home: no
Children: 10+
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Rex – Fox Terrier

This is a 2 year old boy we took under our wing earlier in the summer. This little boy was put into the perrera by his owner, the owner gave the right to sacrifice (this means that the perrera can put him to sleep immediately). He had no time.  So we made room, and we would like to introduce you to Rex (Rexus Maximus, T Rex, Rex Harrison) – we feel he deserves to live like a King and we will be bringing him to the UK in the Autumn.

At present, we are still finding out more about this handsome chap.  We know he’s very sweet and dog-friendly, but no idea about cats or children at this point.  As we discover more, we will update you.

Like Sir Galahad, he has tested positive for Leishmania and has received treatment to which he is responding well. We are told he is a sweet boy, kind and gentle. He is only 2 years old. He wants to find his family. 

Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 to rehome Rex. We look forward to hearing from  you.

Cats & small furries: no
Other dogs in the home: OK
Children: 10+
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Chouquette & Donnie – Wire Fox Terriers

Chouquette was used for hunting and left abandoned. She came to the UK and was so very frightened of people and sounds and pretty much anything. We needed her to go somewhere safe until we could arrange a foster for her that could help her adjust to modern life. We work with Fox Terrier Rescue in the UK, and they kindly said they would help us and took Chouquette into their kennels, and something very amazing happened.
Chouquette became a companion and a Big Sister to a very frightened boy in rescue: Donnie. before Chouquette , Donnie wouldn’t interact or play with anyone and was so afraid of people. Both dogs had such a difficult start to life – we feel they bonded and are each others strength.

So the two must be adopted together. Chouquette is about 12 and Donnie is 9. They will both need a home that will be a quiet retirement home. They would do well in a semi rural or rural home that has a nice large secure garden. They can spend their days playing in the garden, and cuddling with their family at night. Chouquette is the braver of the two and we know that Donnie will follow her lead. Chouquette is a Fox terrier Cross and Donnie is a Wire Fox Terrier

They can’t live with young children or small furries. They are currently in Norfolk, and the prospective family would be expected to be able to visit a few times before adoption – this will allow the dogs to get use to you and make their transition far less stressful for them.

They are dog friendly, and of course people friendly – but they need time and patience – they are the sweetest pair and just deserve to be living in a forever home.

Both are vaccinated, neutered and ready for their home. Chouquette has a passport, Donnie does not.  Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 to give Chouquette and Donnie a loving retirement.

Cats: not known
Other dogs: yes
Children: no
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Yoko – Welsh Terrier Mix

We were asked to help an ‘Airedale’ in France – he had been found wandering – they had contacted the owner on the microchip and he said he had given the dog to someone else – and did not want him back – the new owner didn’t want him – so he was in the pound.


Yoko is an older male (about 9).  We were asked as his last chance, and we said yes.  We were told he was an Airedale but when the Transport Van arrived and out popped this little dog, we knew he was more Welsh Terrier than Airedale due to his size!  Welsh Terriers are often mistaken for miniature Airedales (as their owners will agree!) but they’re a very different terrier indeed!  We believe Yoko is an Airedale / Welsh mix.


Yoko is a loving and fun boy, but he doesn’t like other dogs – and being in kennels is not ideal for him – he has been moved to a quieter environment in Norfolk and is working with a trainer to deal with his dog-dog frustrations. He deserves a foster / adoptive home. He is a bright, loving dog, he likes people and really would need some time on his own. He is 9 and is looking for a retirement home. As he is medium sized, he is more manageable with his dog-dog issues and we would work with any prospective family to ensure a plan was in place.  He walks well on a lead, travels well in a car and loves people!

Can you give this boy a lifeline?

Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 to rehome our lovely senior chap, Yoko.

Cats: not known
Other dogs: no
Children 10+
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