Rex – Fox Terrier

Announcing our newest TSOS member... Rex! This is a 2 year old boy we took under our wing earlier in the summer. This little boy was put into the perrera by his owner, the owner gave the right to sacrifice (this means that the perrera can put him to sleep immediately). He had no time.  So we made room, and we would like to introduce you to Rex (Rexus Maximus, T Rex, Rex Harrison) - we feel he deserves to live like a King and we will be bringing him to the UK in the Autumn. At present, we are still finding out more about this handsome chap.  We know he's very sweet and dog-friendly, but no idea about cats or children at this point.  As we discover more, we will update you. Like Sir Galahad, he has tested positive for Leishmania and has received treatment to which he is responding well. We are told he is a sweet boy, kind and gentle. He is only 2 years old. He wants to find his family.  Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 to rehome Rex. We look forward to hearing from  you.
Cats & small furries: no
Other dogs in the home: OK
Children: 10+
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Sir Galahad – Wire Fox Terrier

Sir Galahad is a Wire Fox Terrier lad, awaiting travel from Spain to his new furever home in the UK. He's a lively young chap (around 3 years old) and will need an active home to keep him busy and entertained.  He is both people and dog-friendly, though can be a little selective about other male dogs.  He has been neutered and has his passport ready.  He has tested positive for leishmaniasis (a parasite-borne disease transmitted by sandflies which causes skin issues) so is receiving treatment for this in Spain and will be coming to the UK in the autumn. Leishmaniasis is a tropical non-contagious disease transmitted to dogs by a tiny sandfly in Mediterranean countries.  Leishmaniasis cannot currently be cured, but can be treated. A dog with leishmaniasis can live a happy and healthy life for many years. The usual treatment is with Alopurinol tablets, which are cheap and readily available as they are used for treatment of gout in humans. We support our families that adopt Leish positive dogs - and there are also several groups on Social Media that provide information and support.  Sir Galahad has the strain which attacks his organs, he is also allergic to the standard treatment, so is being treated with Auto Vaccination, which can take around 3 weeks to show any results.  The Leish is attacking his kidneys and he is quite poorly, so will be remaining in Spain for treatment for the summer.  Fingers crossed for a pawsitive outcome! galahad2 Could you give this adorable WFT a new lease of life? Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 Remember: Children: 10+, no cats or small furries.  Dogs for adoption will be neutered, passported, vaccinated, where appropriate.facebooktwitterredditmailby feather

Hero Hal – Fox Terrier

Please meet Hero Hal Jordan - another one of our Terrier SOS Super Heroes....we got an urgent plea asking if we could help this poor dog - straying on the streets in poor condition, limping - who could turn him away? He is a brave little dog and we felt we had to help.  So we said we would take him, and with the help of the amazing volunteer network we have abroad - who drove to pick him up and get him to a vet to seek treatment for his front leg.  He has since had surgery and had his front right leg amputated, as the damage was too severe for remedial treatment.  He is currently in foster in Spain. He walks much better now as a 3-legged hero, and is proving to be an incredibly smart young man!  A fast learner, he is currently undertaking some basic behaviour training to ensure his manners are up to scratch!  He knows where the cookie jar is, for sure!  Check out our facebook page for videos of his training! hal4 Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 now to help Hal find his forever home. Remember: Children: 10+, no cats or small furries. Dogs for adoption will be neutered, passported, vaccinated.facebooktwitterredditmailby feather