Evoque – Airedale – Rehomed

This is Evoque – she is 2 years old and a very typical Airedale girl – so much so that her family felt they could no longer cope with her and put her into rescue. We are told she is people and dog friendly.

We are working with a Spanish rescue to help find this beautiful young Airedale girl the furever family she deserves.  She is with a rescue co-ordinator in Spain and we are working with them to see if we can find her a UK home – so they will provide the support and back up.

If you would like adopt – please complete a Homing Questionnaire and get in touch. We do love our Airedales!

Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 to rehome Evoque.

Cats: not known
Other dogs: OK
Children: 10+
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Joanna Senior Airedale – Rehomed

As many of you know we are at our maximum capacity for dogs that we can manage at present. So it has been so difficult for us – as we love dogs and not being able to help makes our volunteers suffer – we never forget the dogs and their faces. But we are human and as it is, our lives are consumed by rescue, so sometimes we make the hardest choices. But … there are times that we mean to say ‘No’ and we say ‘Yes’ instead.


This is one such time. We were told about an Airedale girl, 11 years old, a pet, but the family were moving overseas and they could not take the dog, they did not know what to do and they were running out of options and time. The dog was going to be brought to the perrera.  A horrible place for any dog, and a place no dog should experience. So we said Yes when we meant No.

A wonderful volunteer picked up the dog for Terrier SOS – to move her to our residential kennels (they are well maintained, well staffed and the dogs are cared for). Well, what she told me just broke our hearts.

This is Joanna and she is an Airedale – one of our volunteers refers to her as the Large Lass. She was bought as a puppy for a family. She was the love of their life, they both worked in Madrid and were doing well. The family was doing well, but sadly one of the partners passed away unexpectedly, the other continued working and caring for Joanna, but then he lost his job. Money became an issue and he was forced to return to his hometown. No money, no job. His only offer came from a job overseas and he felt he had no choice, and decided to let Joanna be rehomed. But not many options for an old airedale, and not much interest and he was running out of time. He reached out, and through the many connections/shares – she ended up in our inbox.

She is beautiful, well groomed, she came with toys, blanket, bed and food. She has been loved and has been a family member – and our volunteer had a very emotional pick up – another one – and we have promised him we will find her a wonderful retirement home.

Joanna is dog and people friendly. She will need a family that will understand and help her adjust – we dont want her to be in kennels so we are looking for a foster with view to adopt – we would like to move her soon so would look at foster as well.

Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 to rehome our lovely senior lady Joanna.

Cats: not known
Other dogs: OK
Children 10+
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Izzy Terrier Mix – Rehomed

Here is the lovely Izzy, she is a terrier mix dog now available for adoption. She is about one year old, medium size, spayed and ready for travel.
She is shy at first with strangers and other dogs, but loving once she gets to trust them.
As a young dog full of energy, Izzy will happily play with other dogs as soon as she gets used to them.
She is currently fostered in Romania, by the people who saved her as a stray puppy, the same good people who saved Cookie. She has grown up in a loving domesticated environment and is house trained, and all she needs now is her family, and you are out there somewhere. Terrier SOS will arrange the paperwork and transport to get her over.
Please get in touch, we are waiting.
Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017
Cats: OK
Other dogs: OK
Children 10+
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Olly Young Male Lurcher Terrier Mix – Reserved

Olly is a young male lurcher terrier cross. His time was up in a Spanish pound and we were asked to help this wonderful dog. He is very affectionate, a bit shy and submissive. He manages to be scruffy and elegant at the same time, with a unique face and horse dressage walk.

Currently in foster, he has never known a proper home, but you wouldn’t think it – his personality is rapidly comes through. He loves physical play, a good old tug of war and a rub. He needs to gain confidence which his owner needs to help develop, maybe he would enjoy living with a chilled dog that would teach him the ropes.

He loves being by your side, and is very calm for his young age (under two).

At 13 kilos, he is quite tall 57cm to the shoulder, about the same size as an Irish terrier.

Someone out there is a dapper owner looking for this daper dog in their life.

He is neutered, has all his jabs and passport. Currently in Bournemouth foster.

No cats or small furries. Children: 10+

Please download & complete the application form for Olly here TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017

IMG_3944 Olly Lurcher Terrier Cross Olly Black Lurcher - Terrier SOS Olly Lurcher Terrier Cross - Terrier SOS

Olly black lurcher rescue dog now available for adoption via Terrier SOS.

Olly black lurcher rescue dog now available for adoption via Terrier SOS.

Olly lurcher terrier cross

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Lolo – Wire Fox Terrier – Rehomed

Meet the amazing Lolo!  A beautiful fox terrier boy and an honoured member of the Pointy Ears Club!
Like so many of our dogs, we got a message about a boy at risk in a perrera in Southern Spain – so through the usual wonderful volunteers he came into our care. He went into kennels with another of our rescued dogs, Kika.  They were firm friends – which just shows he can live on his own or with another dog (with proper introductions).  Lolo is 5 years old, neutered and in foster in Nottinghamshire.
Lolo is a super little dog. He enjoys being outside, always on the go, sniffing out the local wildlife and patrolling the fences and keeping the neighbourhood safe. Indoors he’s the first to relax on his bed or (better, in his opinion) on a chair or sofa. His foster has often stood up from desk and turned round to find Lolo has taken up his rightful place on her chair. Lolo loves a cuddle, on his own terms, he’ll snuggle up in the sofa and watch a film with you but is just as happy working on a chew in his bed.
With ears like these, there’s no sneaking past Lolo, he wants to be part of whatever is going on in the home. Whenever you are, there’s Lolo, right behind you or sitting on your foot. Just don’t leave the bathroom door ajar…
Lolo loves humans and is so friendly with everyone he meets, he even showed no fear when meeting the vet. Lolo is getting used to seeing other dogs out walking. He’s picked up the training really quickly, and now walks really well on the lead provided you follow our instructions.  He is a dog that needs time and patience. However, his recall is typical for a terrier (i.e. non-existent!) and he is very prey driven so we expect life for Lolo will be enjoyed on a lead!  See a video of Lolo on our facebook page
If you are interested in a ticket to LoloLand – please complete our Homing Questionnaire below.

Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017

Remember: Children: 10+, no cats or small furries.  Dogs for adoption will be neutered, passported, vaccinated, where appropriate.

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