Joanna Senior Airedale

As many of you know we are at our maximum capacity for dogs that we can manage at present. So it has been so difficult for us - as we love dogs and not being able to help makes our volunteers suffer - we never forget the dogs and their faces. But we are human and as it is, our lives are consumed by rescue, so sometimes we make the hardest choices. But ... there are times that we mean to say 'No' and we say 'Yes' instead. joanna01 This is one such time. We were told about an Airedale girl, 11 years old, a pet, but the family were moving overseas and they could not take the dog, they did not know what to do and they were running out of options and time. The dog was going to be brought to the perrera.  A horrible place for any dog, and a place no dog should experience. So we said Yes when we meant No.
A wonderful volunteer picked up the dog for Terrier SOS - to move her to our residential kennels (they are well maintained, well staffed and the dogs are cared for). Well, what she told me just broke our hearts. This is Joanna and she is an Airedale - one of our volunteers refers to her as the Large Lass. She was bought as a puppy for a family. She was the love of their life, they both worked in Madrid and were doing well. The family was doing well, but sadly one of the partners passed away unexpectedly, the other continued working and caring for Joanna, but then he lost his job. Money became an issue and he was forced to return to his hometown. No money, no job. His only offer came from a job overseas and he felt he had no choice, and decided to let Joanna be rehomed. But not many options for an old airedale, and not much interest and he was running out of time. He reached out, and through the many connections/shares - she ended up in our inbox. She is beautiful, well groomed, she came with toys, blanket, bed and food. She has been loved and has been a family member - and our volunteer had a very emotional pick up - another one - and we have promised him we will find her a wonderful retirement home. Joanna is dog and people friendly. She will need a family that will understand and help her adjust - we dont want her to be in kennels so we are looking for a foster with view to adopt - we would like to move her soon so would look at foster as well. Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 to rehome our lovely senior lady Joanna.
Cats: not known
Other dogs: OK
Children 10+
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Olly Young Male Lurcher Terrier Mix – Reserved

Olly is a young male lurcher terrier cross. His time was up in a Spanish pound and we were asked to help this wonderful dog. He is very affectionate, a bit shy and submissive. He manages to be scruffy and elegant at the same time, with a unique face and horse dressage walk. Currently in foster, he has never known a proper home, but you wouldn’t think it - his personality is rapidly comes through. He loves physical play, a good old tug of war and a rub. He needs to gain confidence which his owner needs to help develop, maybe he would enjoy living with a chilled dog that would teach him the ropes. He loves being by your side, and is very calm for his young age (under two). At 13 kilos, he is quite tall 57cm to the shoulder, about the same size as an Irish terrier. Someone out there is a dapper owner looking for this daper dog in their life. He is neutered, has all his jabs and passport. Currently in Bournemouth foster. No cats or small furries. Children: 10+ Please download & complete the application form for Olly here TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 IMG_3944 Olly Lurcher Terrier Cross Olly Black Lurcher - Terrier SOS Olly Lurcher Terrier Cross - Terrier SOS
Olly black lurcher rescue dog now available for adoption via Terrier SOS.

Olly black lurcher rescue dog now available for adoption via Terrier SOS.

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Poppy – Wire Fox Terrier – rehomed

Note: We've had a number of enquiries about Poppy and are confident we will be able to find her forever home.  If you like the sound of precious Poppy, do take a look at her fellow 3-legged fox terrier pal, Hero Hal!   We know this little girl will steal your heart like she stole ours! Her name is Poppy - she lived in the Spanish countryside with a lot of other dogs - the owner would go out on horse back - with the dogs following him. One day he returned home and she was not following.  She eventually turned up later a few days later...with a wire snare around the leg, it was also entangled with barb-wire. Because she was stuck for too long the leg was black and the blood supply cut off - they had no option but to amputate the leg. Poppy had been through hell those days caught in that trap, desperately trying to get out. The owner said she was not any good to him anymore. Luckily a good person contacted us and she came into our care in Spanish foster. There the vet decided to amputate the leg and had to deal with other issues.  Watch a video of Poppy here.
She is now in London foster and this is what her host family says: "Poppy came rather shy at times but given her circumstances very upbeat, and laid back, quite and extremely lovable – and with a tail that wags like the Doctors K-9 which dog would not be. It has been a joy to see her sleep and recuperate – but she is now also in the position to walk and exercise and generally build her fitness up, and it turns out she still has a lot of gumption, and gives the other dogs a good run and as much fox terrier spirit as they give her. She is toilet trained, and has not damaged anything in the house. She is even good at walking up and down our normal staircases, though the more modern ones she does not like to climb up. She likes being around company whether that be adults or the kids, and can be a little anxious when left on her own unless she’s sleeping. Due care is required to ensure she does not damage her remaining hind leg, so if you are a mountaineer or a keen hiker she is not going to be the dog for you. A semi rural or urban lifestyle would suit her, she could live on her own or with other dogs and older children. She is a delight and needs a household where people are around most of the time or can take her to work." Poppy is dog friendly and a really sweet girl. She manages to adjust on three legs and just needs a family that will love her as a pet. She is on the smaller size for a foxy (8 kilos, 35cm high to shoulder). Does a three legged dog need special treatment? You may have to help her go up stairs, and rub her on the side where she can't do it herself. Have a lifestyle where she is less likely to hurt her back leg (mountaineering, hill hiking not so good). Complete a TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 now. Remember: Children: 10+, no small furries or small furries  Dogs for adoption will be neutered, passported, vaccinated. Poppy wire fox terrier IMG_4182 Poppy fox terrier Poppy Fox Terrier
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Lobo – Wire Fox Terrier

Cuddly Lobo was found as stray in Tenerife, currently in foster in Spain.
He was brought to a rescue that is run by an English couple.  Lobo was heavily matted, in a terrible state.  He also walked with an odd gait.
The rescue took him in - cleaned him up, and took him to a vet to assess his gait. The diagnosis is that poor Lobo's 1st vertebrae is out of sync, and this is causing a compression on his spinal cord. The vet feels that his condition can be managed with pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds and this will give his a happy full life.
Due to his age and condition, he will not find a home in Tenerife - so we were asked if we could help. Well, we love a fox terrier (who doesn't!) - and we think he is a doll!
We will reassess his condition when he arrives to the UK. He is fine with other dogs (keeps to himself), loves people and is ready for his new life.
Lobo deserves to live his life in a wonderful home here where he can get the love and compassion he has lacked so far.  Complete a TerrierSOSQuestionnaireMay2015 now! Remember: Children: 10+, no cats or small furries. Dogs for adoption will be neutered, passported, vaccinated.
lobo2 lobo1
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George – Wire Fox Terrier – Rehomed

Gorgeous George! George was sadly abandoned by his family.  He is another dog that was lost and giving up hope in a perrera in Spain. We offered to help and now he is safe in foster in Lincolnshire. He is young - and lovely - Gorgeous by name and by nature!  He needs a loving home where he can begin a new chapter in his life. If you are interested in rehoming this sweet boy, please complete a TerrierSOSQuestionnaireMay2015 george3 george2facebooktwitterredditmailby feather