Cassie female fox terrier cross

This is the delightful Cassie - approx 7 years old - she came from the same French Rescue as Chouquette. Of the two - Cassie is far bolder and braver. She likes people and is constantly wagging her tail and wants to meet and greet. Cassie, however, is not a fan of other dogs. This could be behaviour that is heightened by the kennel environment - but we would only consider a dog free home for her. She has lived in a pen for most of her life and as such finds the urban world a little scary. She would suit a calm - semirural environment. Although much bolder than Chouquette - she still would need a loving and patient home to help adjust to life as a pet. She is very hunting driven - so would need a secure garden and exit management. She could not live with small furries or hens. We feel she would blossom quickly in the right home. She is ready for love, in the right terrier experienced home we think she will be a fantastic companion. And whatever you give her - she will reward you a million times over. Every dog deserves a chance, and none more so than Cassie. She is in Norfolk and ready for her forever home. Vaccinated, neutered, passported. No cats and small furries. Children: 10+ Interested in Cassie? Download a TerrierSOSQuestionnaireMay201512247957_10153285715724077_8267739982626510020_o 12291876_10153285715729077_1670509684519861010_o 12028906_10153285715734077_427999431573542322_o(1) 11230923_10153285715759077_4227655454717711437_o(1)facebooktwitterredditmailby feather