Adopting a dog with Terrier SOS: FAQs & Download Our Adoption Form

To adopt a dog with Terrier SOS, please read the text below and download the form below. Please complete and return it to the stated email address provided on the form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rehoming Questionnaire (2017 version)

If you’re visiting this page, you’re considering adopting a dog from us.  The answers to these Frequently Asked Questions will hopefully give you a better idea about our process and guidelines, bearing in mind that at all times, the welfare of the dog is our priority. As a small rescue, we have certain guidelines but we can flexible when required.   As we foster our dogs ie they are kept in our homes rather than kennels – we try to understand their needs and find them the best home.

  • HAVE THE DOGS SEEN THE VET? All our dogs are microchipped, vaccinated, neutered (unless medically advised against it, and in the case of puppies, you will be asked to sign a neuter agreement), and tested for Mediterranean illnesses. They have a passport, which acts as their health book.
  • I AM NERVOUS ABOUT THE HOMECHECK, WHAT IS THAT LIKE? We ‘homecheck’ ie come and visit all prospective homes, and will also do a follow up check. No need to clean the oven, this is to be practical and see where the dog is going to live, what arrangements may have to be made before their arrival, meet all family members ideally and see how ready they are for the new arrival.  Seeing your home environment, understanding your lifestyle and meeting you help us understand what dog might suit you.
  • I’VE GOT CHILDREN.  As a general rule, we do not rehome to families with children under the age of 10.  If young children are visiting, common sense steps have to be taken eg never leave dog and children unattended.
  • I’VE GOT CATS, FERRETS, RABBITS, GUINEA PIGS, MICE, PET RATS, GERBILS, HAMSTERS, HENS AND I’D LIKE TO REHOME A TERRIER. Well that’s a difficult one and with some exceptions, our dogs would like to eat small furry animals rather than befriend them. Frankly, you may be better off looking at other breeds.
  • WHAT ABOUT MY OTHER DOG(S)? The other pets in the home will need to be vaccinated and neutered (unless medically advised against it, and we will never consider re-homing a dog to a home that breeds or plans on breeding dogs), we would arrange for the dogs to meet before an adoption decision is taken (in a managed environment arranged in advance with you and the foster).
  • I’M 83 AND I’D LIKE TO REHOME A YOUNG DOG. It may be more sensible for you to rehome a senior.
  • DO YOU OPERATE ALL OVER THE UK? DO YOU REHOME DOGS OUTSIDE THE UK? We are all volunteers and we rely on a network of kind people who do the homechecks, post-adoption visits etc in their own time. So at this stage, we do not cover the whole of the UK. If you currently live outside the UK, for those reasons of back-up, follow-up etc, we are not able to help.
  • I’VE NOT OWNED A DOG BEFORE, DOES THAT RULE ME OUT? No, your application is still welcome, we may ask you to undertake training classes, this will be discussed.
  • I AM RENTING, CAN I STILL ADOPT A DOG? Your application is welcome, but you must first provide a letter from the landlord stating you are able to keep pets.
  • WE HAVE TO GO TO WORK, HOW LONG CAN WE LEAVE THE DOG ON THEIR OWN? Dogs should not generally be left alone for more than 4 hours – Puppies need to be in a home where they are not left for more than 2 hours; suitable arrangements have to be made.
  • ARE YOU OK WITH OUTDOOR KENNELS? No, we want the dogs to be family pets and live at home with their owners.
  • IF MY ADOPTION APPLICATION AND HOME VISITS ARE SUCCESSFUL, CAN YOU BRING ME THE POTENTIAL DOG? No be prepared to go on blind dates with potential dogs, but you have to travel to where they are. Sometimes arrangements are made with the foster and you can meet half way. Generally, if you really want to adopt, you and the rest of the family will be expected to travel to meet the dog.
  • I LIVE IN A FLAT WITHOUT A GARDEN/I’VE GOT A SMALL YARD, CAN I STILL APPLY? Yes we have rehomed dogs in these circumstances, we will look at the whole picture, the needs of the dog, how far you live from a green space etc.
  • I READ SOME OF THESE DOGS ARE FROM THE STREETS, WHAT ARE THEY LIKE ARE THEY HOUSE-TRAINED? Our dogs are loving and friendly and they often fit in to families without a glitch.  However, many of them have very traumatic pasts, so you have to take on board the fact that they may have some special needs – they might be frightened on walks, or have food aggression.  We will provide as much of an ‘after care’ service as we can ie be there for you to discuss any problems and find solutions.  In some cases we may suggest or insist that dog owners undertake training classes, especially in the case of puppies or adult dogs who we have identified as needing ongoing training.
  • I WOULD PREFER A DOG WITHOUT PROBLEMS. Well everyone would love a dog without problems. Also the dog would like a human without problems, as often the dog’s issues are the consequences of human actions.
  • TALKING OF TRAINING, DO YOU HAVE A PREFERED TYPE? Yes, we insist that only positive reward based training methods maybe used.

I’VE RETURNED MY APPLICATION, WHEN DO I HEAR BACK? You have to bear with us, we are all volunteers with families & jobs, and from time to time we have to deal with dog emergencies.  We will contact you to discuss your application and suitability as soon as we physically can.