Foxy – Fox Terrier Mix

This is the wonderful Foxy.  Foxy is a fox terrier cross – approx 4/5 years old – he showed up in a kennel in France.  He had been used for hunting but had obviously had a very difficult start to his life as he was petrified of people.  We were asked if we could help and we knew that with his problems he would be overlooked – so we have moved him to the UK and he is now in kennels.
Foxy is a fox terrier cross – he is a delightful boy but very wary of people.  He loves dogs and would benefit from living with a dog to show him the ropes.  But he will need a very special and patient home – that will allow him to slowly learn to trust people.  When he arrived – his first reaction out of his crate was to urinate all over our shoes.  It broke our heart – who knows what suffering he has been subjected to?  His new home must listen to us and allow Foxy to have time and space.  He will need a very gentle introduction to life as a pet.  We know he will return this with love and be the greatest boy, he just needs a chance.
He is vaccinated, neutered and has his passport.  He is in SE London – you will have to be prepared to travel to him a few times to let him get use to you and form a bond of trust as the journey may be too stressful for him otherwise.
At Terrier SOS we believe that dogs deserve a chance at love,  and our dogs are the most deserving of a home.  We know they have the quirks, that is what makes them so special.  So we are looking for a similarly special family for him.

Please consider giving Foxy a new chance to enjoy life – complete a TerrierSOSQuestionnaireMay2015 now!