Dylan, a very special dog forever in our hearts

“We have lost a very special Terrier SOS dog, our beloved Dylan has left us and all our hearts are broken for him and his family. When I first saw Dylan (originally called Diamond) – the rescue did not exist. I had been involved in helping another dog, a terrier naturally, and the volunteers asked if perhaps I could help. Diamond was 7 he was left at a notorious kill station in Almeria because his family were ‘bored’ of him. That is it, with one word he was to be discarded. Their ignorance, their callousness, would cost him his life. Chris and I paid for all his fees out of our own pocket – we waited a long time but eventually we picked up a very thin and a very disorientated boy. We did not know it then but on that day, a journey began – the journey of rescue – with its highs and lows – with the great joy and great sadness that only dogs can bring. We fostered Diamond for over a month, we got to know a fun and bright boy – he loved his toys, he ate my sisters shoes (egged on by Klaus no doubt), he loved chasing squirrels, and in no time we realised that he was a gem, a precious gem.

Liz and George saw the gem too – and on a breezy Brighton seafront – they met Dylan and walked him with Macy. They fell for his charm, his cheekiness, his stubbornness, but above all his sweetness. He was a character, and always brought a smile to his family’s face. He was their beautiful boy. He accompanied them on many adventures, and travelled throughout the UK with them – getting friends and admirers along the way.He was also a fashion model – and modelled for Redhound for Dogs! He loved his toys, keeping his sister on her toes, and letting his family know how much he loved them.

Unfortunately when we speak of Dylan, we must also speak of his illness. Although initially testing negative for Leishmaniasis, he began to shows signs . He received all the treatments and his family spared no effort , he saw Vets, specialists, but sadly either due to the illness or complications because of it, Dylan got progressively worse.

It seems so unfair, Dylan was a beautiful soul and deserved his second chance. He fought his illness, and he always faced his hardship with a grace and stoicism befitting a true terrier. He has left us far too soon, but Dylan was loved, Dylan’s light will shine bright and he will never be forgotten. I know he is whole again and in no more pain, and I hope his family can see what a great gift they have given him.

We started to help more dogs like Dylan, more dogs that were cast away and neglected. We realised his worth – we could see what others could not. People have come together and despite some very tough periods, we moved forward and each year we not only save more dogs, but we become a better rescue and learn and evolve and we would like to think Dylan and dogs like him are proud we have stood up for him and have proved they are worth saving, even if it seems for such an all too brief time.” Diana, founder, Terrier SOS.

Candy RIP

It is with heavy hearts that we must tell you of the passing of our beautiful girl Candy.

Candy was one of the saddest cases we have ever come across, she was found lying in the middle of the road, the volunteer thought she was hit by a car and left to die , but when she saw her , Candy lifted up her little head and looked at her – hoping this time someone would help her.  She was covered in ticks, was in an emaciated state and in a very poor condition. She tested positive for Leishmania and it had started to affect her organs. Although her luck had changed that day – it did not go smoothly for her…she was moved to a foster home and while the foster was at work, one of her other dogs attacked Candy so bad that she almost died. She amazingly recovered from this and was moved to the rescue, whereupon she was bitten by an enormous venomous snake. But in true terrier style, she overcame this…the thing about Candy was she knew that things had to get better, she had hope and faith they would…and they did.

Lindsay and her family , like us , saw Candy, and knew she had to have a chance at a life of love. So Terrier SOS put those wheels in motion and Candy left Spain and went North! She was loved from Day One, received cuddles by the boatload, love and care. She maintained her feisty personality and blossomed – off lead running with her pals Fred and Rita, lounging on the sofa, getting up to mischief and mayhem whenever possible.

Candy is a special dog for her family, but also for all in rescue. Candy was hope, she fought every day because she knew that tomorrow could be the day that changes everything – she is a symbol to the beauty of life – to enjoy the present, not live in the past, and never lose the ability to love again.

Our thoughts and sympathies go to her family, we have posted some photos of Candy in her good life, as we want her to be remembered this way. We want to thank Lindsay and David for opening their hearts and home to this little girl, and giving her the love she deserved.

RIP Sweet Fozzy

It is with a heavy heart that we must tell you that our beloved long term foster, Fozzy, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Our beloved Fozzy battled so many ills and neglect in her life – we were told she would not have long, but they did not know the true terrier spirit. With all the love and care, Violeta and her family gave her a home and Fozzy was with them for 19 months – much longer than expected. Our thoughts are with her foster family – and to a little dog that defied the odds and inspired all of us.

our dear Milou – Memorial

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When we first adopted Milou in February 2013 he was a quiet boy who was a little wary of us. After a few months he realised he was staying with us and started coming out of his shell, blossoming into a real character.

He was a joy to be around – gentle with children, patient with elderly people, affectionnate and playful. Everybody that came into contact with him fell in love with his cheeky spirit. He spent half his life sleeping on his back with his legs in the air – on buses, trains, in pubs and wherever he could find a sunny spot. He brought so much joy and pleasure into our lives and in return we gave him the best forever home to spend his twilight years. He was loved, brushed, walked, cuddled, given treats and got to play ball whenever he wanted to. It was the hardest thing in the world to say goodbye to our beloved companion but he will remain in our hearts forever. Thanks for giving us the last two years of your life, we only wish we had met many years ago. Rest in peace little one, love Dad & daddy xx

Bertie – rest in peace


Our volunteers in Valladoid, Spain contacted us about a wire fox terrier who was very poorly in the infamous Valladolid dog pound, their the people who’ve helped us get Romeo, Juliet, Eva, Monty, Carol, Tony, Archie and Duke out of the killing station. They wanted to get the sick dog out but needed our help to pay for the pound fee and the vet fees.

Of course we agreed to step in. He was taken out of the pound and a kind lady called Paola agreed to take him and care for him for as long as necessary.
He adapted well to their other two dogs, and Bertie gradually became part of the family. At one vet’s visit, we confirmed that he has cataracts, due to old age. He could see practically nothing at night.
When taken from the kill station, Bertie had a cold (the few nights he spent there were below zero temperatures) and was treated but his health started to deteriorate. He had difficulty breathing, became lethargic, his temperature fell to 35ºC.

Paola took him to the vet, but he presented a huge lung infection that had turned into pneumonia. He was dehydrated, hypothermic and also presented a liver condition and a huge heart murmur.
They managed to stabilise him at the clinic and he spent New Year’s Eve at home, returning to the clinic the next morning.

Sadly after getting better, he got worse again, no longer being able to eat.  He passed away at the beginning of January 2014.

We don’t know anything about his past life and how he came to be abandoned, and ot all our rescue stories end as we would like them to – we wanted more for Bertie – but we are grateful we were able to make his final time surrounded by people that loved and cared for him. Take care sweet man, we were privileged to be part of your story