Minnie – Wire Fox Terrier – Rehomed

Minnie is a young female fox terrier, taller than average, very affectionate to people. In the house with her foster family, she is very calm and very attentive. She is very patient with foster sister Fox Terrier.

After months spent in kennels, she enjoys the home comforts sofa and bed, and is house trained. This is because she is quite bright and quick to learn. She loves chewy toys and zoomies in the garden. Out and about, she walks very well on the lead. However, she gets erratic when she sees other dogs in the part, through a mixture of fear and excitement. This has improved but will need work. For this reason, she would be better suited for a family who have owned dogs before. She can live with other dogs at home and is great with older children. She is as irresistible and has many admirers whilst she promenades.

Minnie ended up in a Spanish pound through no fault of her own, she hasn’t had a great start in life and fully deserves to catch up, as well as help some humans in the same way.  In London foster.

Download & complete the TerrierSOSQuestionnaire2017 to rehome Minnie. We look forward to hearing from  you.

Cats & small furries: no
Other dogs in the home: OK
Children 10+